AHS 2012 is Sold Out - Including Student Tickets

Regular registration has been full since the beginning of April. As of April 30, student registration filled as well.

How can I get a ticket? How can I be notified of newly available tickets?

When registration fills, there is an understandable deluge of questions. For your convenience, we've excerpted those most frequently asked:

Can you add me to the waitlist? 
We will not be maintaining a waitlist. It turned out to be prohibitively time consuming.
[edit 5/25/2012: we are now maintaining a waitlist]

Can you notify me if more tickets become available? 

Tickets that become available due to cancellations will be posted to the Ancestry facebook and twitter pages as well as our blog.
[edit: see above note regarding the waitlist]   

I don't do twitter or facebook. Please text me or email me if a ticket becomes available.
As a completely volunteer run organization, individual calls, emails or texts are not possible. Notifications for blog posts are sent via email, so that may be your best option.

Can I register for one day of the conference instead of all 3 days?
Only the full 3-day conference registration is (was) available. In future years we may consider offering one day registration depending on the size of the venue.

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Conference Registrations Likely Available

It does appear that we will have a few conference registrations available due to cancellations. I'll let you know, via facebook, twitter and this blog, when those spaces open up.

Looking forward to see you at AHS 2012!

AHS 2012 Registration Chair

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    Gavin Impett 

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    Michal Naisteter 

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    Nate Rosenberg


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